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Photographs of Aussies: Part of the Gear family

By Spencer D Gear

Spencer with grandchildren, Chr4istmas 2017

This photo was taken on Christmas Day 2017. Spencer with 6 grandchildren. Joseph & Daniel on left are sons of Paul & Angela. I’m in the centre at the back. In front of me is Mackenzie (daughter of Wendy & Glen). She has her hands around Eloise (daughter of Jeff & Amy). On the right is Zeke (Ezekiel) who is holding my youngest grand-daughter, Jemima.

Spencer, ID photo, 4MB, Maryborough, Qld reunion, 19 Aug 17



This is a photograph taken of me on Saturday, 19 August 2017, at Qld Radio 4MB’s 85th anniversary reunion of staff and relatives in Maryborough, Qld. This was the station where I started my radio career as a DJ in 1966.




Gear house close up



This is a photograph of our house in Bundaberg, Qld in about 2005-2006.




Spencer GearI couldn’t accurately guess my age with this photo to the left. I suspect I was about 50.








This is a younger Spencer





Zeke with Papa Gear on the lawnmower - 2

Spencer mowing the lawn around the Bundaberg house with Zeke (grandson, to Wendy & Glen) on his knee. Zeke was born in 2000 (I think). This was when he was aged about 3-4 years.


Spencer Trev & Lorraine 26-10-04

These are the children of Roy Edward & Enid Joy (nee Bubb) Gear: from left to right, Spencer, Trevor & Lorraine (Johannesen), taken about 2004.


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