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It is not uncommon today to hear people say, “I don’t believe there is such a thing as truth.” Or, as a leader once challenged me, “There are no such things as absolutes.” Notice what he did? In attempting to debunk absolutes, he said, “There are no absolutes.” Here he established his own absolute. We must call such people to account for their hypocrisy and self contradiction.

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I am a retired general and family counsellor and counselling manager after working for 17 years before retirement in full-time counselling, mostly with secular Aussies. I completed my PhD in New Testament (research only) in 2015 at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, on an aspect of the historical Jesus’s resurrection as promoted by John Dominic Crossan.

The PhD dissertation may be found at: Crossan and the resurrection of Jesus : rethinking presuppositions, methods and models.

Human beings are special people (not higher primates) made in the image of God. God’s truth comes with the authority of the Almighty God Himself who designed and made the world and continues to keep it function. This truth also comes with an eternal guarantee, thanks to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the eternal and divine Son of God.

Truth is under threat

If truth doesn’t matter, why not inject 2-year-olds with heroin when their behaviour is outrageous or they are an inconvenience to family and society? Surely pedophilia is OK when we make up our own values! Why all the fuss about domestic violence? After all, if you decide your own values and I decide mine, anything goes! Leave me alone! If I want to be a New Age guy devoted to postmodern values, let me enjoy them! But please don’t bother me.

This is what is happening to truth. Especially in a postmodern society, we need to ask and answer the question that that Pilate asked at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion. It has big ramifications: What is truth? When truth decays and loses its absolutes, startling things happen in many areas of life. Is that happening in your society.

In these pages, you will be challenged with a Christian world and life view. Check out how God’s truth can be applied to all of life. You’ll find examples in these pages.

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There may be theological issues where we may differ; please let me know your position and why you support it biblically or factually if it is not a biblical issue. For biblical subjects, please show me gently why you think I’m wrong – as demonstrated by what the Bible teaches?

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