Links between breast cancer and abortion

Links between breast cancer and abortion

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By Spencer D Gear

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The New York Times is misrepresenting the research with this statement: โ€œโ€ฆ using inaccurate information, like the medically refuted assertion that abortions cause higher rates of breast cancerโ€ (โ€˜Truth in counselingโ€™, 1 March 2011).

The facts are that there were research studies in China, Iran, Turkey and the USA in 2009 that demonstrated the link between induced abortion and an increased risk of breast cancer.

One 2009 study by Jessica Dolle et al from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found that the increased risks of breast cancer were among those who used oral contraceptives and had had abortions.

Contrary to The New York Timesโ€™ biased opinion, even a person who formerly denied the link, Dr. Louise Brinton, has reversed her position on the abortion-breast cancer link because of the evidence. She said that there was a 40% increased risk of breast cancer after induced abortions. Dr. Brinton was involved in 2003 research that denied this link, but she has changed her opinion, based on the 2009 research.

It is time that The New York Times came up to speed with the recent research, instead of denying the research information of the link between abortion and breast cancer.

See also the possible link between use of the contraceptive pill and increased risk of breast cancer. There have been studies for and against the link.


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